Play It Cool Ft Skewby

by Scolla

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To commemorate the release of my new OG Cool (Red October Edition) Beanie, I decided to release this record I put together with my country cousin, Memphis own Skewby.


Scolla Verse:
I swear that I woke up this morning without a care in the world/
Just a dollar on my mind/
Sleeping beauty on my side and a ladder to the sky/
Headband for the headstrong gives me peace of mind/
Mama said don't drink and drive/
So I roll my tree and ride out, cruising/
Bumpin' Ghetty Green by Project P In Tennessee/
Riding down Beale Street bout to go scoop Skewby up/
Like Shaggy Doo, On the way I met this young dog/
In a troubled mood, had an active attitude/
Said he was through with the world/
(He was through with the world)
I said, what the world do to you/
(what the world do to you)
He said, "Shit is ugly where I'm from"/
I said, to be alive is beautiful/
Just relax and play it cool/

Play It Cool
Play It Cool
Play It Cool
I'd rather be a happy fool than a troubled youth
Why don't you, Play It Cool
Play It Cool
Play It Cool
I'd rather be a happy fool than a troubled you
Play it cool

Skewby Verse:
Uh, Doing what I usually do when I wake up/
Kiss my woman, close my eyes, have a talk with creator/
House smell like Jamaica, we got Bob Marley playin'/
I just sing out of tune when I can't make out what he's sayin'/
Peace, Love I agree thats all I'm tryna feel/
Man who cares what's selling, can you show me something real/
Ain't no price on what I'm into/
This my life on instrumentals/
So when you see me expect the man you hear/
What happens to the years, flew by/
Survival was junk food/
Then 21 said, hi, selection was an ocean until love dropped, by/
Perfection seemed real till we learned bout life, ain't nothing easy/
Gain the world, lose your soul/
Thankful that less is more/
I confess while you're trend chasing, I'm laughing at home/
We might switch a time zone but it's still the same rules/
Keeping family over everything that moves/
And play it cool/


Scolla Verse 2:
(Woop) I’m feeling like big shit poppin, look at God/
I’m living life here with options look at God/
I’m from where peace ain't a part of the shoot/
But to get the big picture man I took a shot/
So rest in peace to the fallen, the troops/
Dead or in jail, lets think out of the box/
I’ve been off the block, been OT taking chances/
They wanna take it all, than let you take advantage/
The tops a perspective the view from this vantage/
Got me thinking like this shit harder to balance/
I juggled it all/ (all)
Ohh, Just to watch all of it fall/ (fall)
And I know just what to do/
You’ve been lackin/
Pistol Packin Peter told me I would be the man this day/
If I could do it, I just knew it, I did/
Yeah, Been the man since a lil man, man of the house shit/
So don’t make a big deal out of the little things/
Make a big deal out of the little things/
Don’t make a big deal out of the little things/
Make a big deal out of the little things/



released October 1, 2014
Produced By mindlabs, iRocksays & DrewsThatDude



all rights reserved


Scolla Detroit, Michigan

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